It’s nearly mightily for the average individual to be aware of every one of the more than 150 businesses competing for market share in dental implants. However, since these are your teeth, it seems sensible that you would look for high-quality dental implant companies.

Best Dental Implants Brands

There are several dental implant brands available, but you can only choose from a small number of them. However, because of easy access to information, many patients are now more eager than ever to learn about brand names and ask for the brand they want by name.

Here is a list of the best implant brands:

high quality dental implants
Which dental implants are best?


Strauman is a well-known Swiss implantology firm that was founded in 1954. They conduct a considerable deal of research and manufacture dental products and biomaterials. They also make investments in dental software, which elevates them to the position of a market leader. Furthermore, they collaborate with academic institutions, renowned clinics, and research facilities.

Their products are incredibly inventive, durable, and safe. Additionally, they offer surgical and restorative supplies to dental professionals and institutions. Many dental clinics and experts like Straumann because it offers a wide range of dental services. Despite being one of the major dental implant producers in the world, Straumann’s implant systems and other products are rather expensive.


One of the most well-known dental implant manufacturers is Hiossen. It is a firm with American roots. It is also one of the most well-known dental implant brands in both the United States and the rest of the world. The business is committed to enhancing client happiness.

Hiossen is working hard to improve the quality of the implants based on the comments received and an analysis of the most current market demands. Hiossen is headquartered in a cutting-edge building and devotes a significant portion of its earnings to research & development. The business exports implant systems to more than 70 nations now.

Zimmer Biomet

Another of the most extensive dental manufacturers in the world is Zimmer Biomet. They put a lot of effort into upholding the patients’ quality, reliability, and safety. They take a comprehensive approach to dental care and combine excellent craftsmanship with cutting-edge research to create cutting-edge products.

In addition to being one of the top providers of training and education, they also provide dental professionals with individualized and prompt service so they may provide the finest possible care.

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is a well-known manufacturer of dental implant systems. They are committed to improving the patient’s quality of life. To that end, they express their purpose of enabling dental practitioners worldwide.

The company’s headquarters are in Switzerland, while its goods are manufactured in Japan, Sweden, and the United States. Nobel Biocare’s products are sold in over 80 countries and are distributed in strategic places across the world. They also provide dental professionals with training and instruction.

Sirona Dentsply

Dentsply, an American company founded in 1899, and Sirona, a German brand founded in 1877, amalgamated in 2016. Although they were formerly small businesses in their community, they have grown the company significantly since 2016.

Today, the firm is notable for its creative investments, and they provide the most significant goods to dental professionals and patients all over the world. The firm offers the Astra Tech Implant System, which is exceptionally robust, handy, and aesthetically pleasing.


DTI is a renowned brand of dental implants in Turkey. The headquarters of the corporation are in Cekmekoy, Istanbul, while the production site is in Gebze, Kocaeli. The firm was founded with the participation of scientists, physicians, and engineers from across the world. They also work hard to collaborate with other universities that are at the forefront of the implant business.

DTI stocks items with style, utility, durability, and a variety of possibilities. Furthermore, the cost is less expensive when compared to European and American-based enterprises.

MIS Implants

Dentsply Sirona purchased MIS Implants in 2018; however, the business had been founded in New Jersey, USA, in 1995. A larger portion of the implant market has now been attained by MIS Implants. In addition, they have become more well-known due to their usefulness in the implant market.


In 2002, New Jersey, USA, saw the founding of another American business, MegaGen. MegaGen is one of the global leaders in the very competitive dental implant sector, with more than 90 distributors in 100 nations.

Dentistry Ratio-Meisinger

As a German-American dental drill manufacturer, Dental Ratio-Meisinger was established in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1888. Today, the company is one of the top suppliers of dental supplies thanks to thoroughly automated storage systems that better serve clients and distributors throughout the globe.


It’s reasonable to have many questions when considering getting dental implants. What brand of dental implants to purchase is one of the queries posed to our team of specialists the most frequently. Give us a call at +90 (536) 934 6524 to get your implant therapy in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better zirconia or titanium implants?
Which is better zirconia or titanium implants?

Although titanium is stronger and more durable than zirconia, zirconia implants are biocompatible to the human body. Titanium implants have a 95% success rate, while zirconia has less value.

Is it safe to implant all teeth?
Is it safe to implant all teeth?

The quality of life and health of a person who requires dental implants can be considerably improved. However, issues might occasionally arise. Dental implants might have complications right away or years down the road. Implant failure, which is often described as implant loss or looseness, is the outcome of several issues.

How many dental implants should I get?
How many dental implants should I get?

Although just four implants in the upper jaw are necessary to replace all of the teeth, our implant dentist typically suggests utilizing six implants for more stability. Even with an additional two implants, there is still only one less implant for every two lost teeth.

How long do dental implants last?
How long do dental implants last?

A dental implant typically lasts between 10 and 30 years. Accordingly, the likelihood that an implant will endure the remainder of your life depends on your age at the time of installation. No other method of replacing teeth has that kind of durability.

How long do zirconium implants last?
How long do zirconium implants last?

Because zirconia is a novel therapy, the expected longevity is unclear. Long-term data is currently unavailable. They are predicted to last 15-20 years or more if properly cared for, similar to titanium implants.

What age should you not get dental implants?
What age should you not get dental implants?

Dental implants have no age restrictions. Dental implants, on the other hand, maybe more expensive than alternative solutions. Patients in their senior years may not consider the expenditure on a dental implant to be worthwhile.

Can I have 2 implants next to each other?
Can I have 2 implants next to each other?

They may be positioned simultaneously by one person. However, a patient should consider several factors. These factors include the number of lost teeth that must be replaced, the expense, the duration, and the stability.

Can 1 implant hold 2 teeth?
Can 1 implant hold 2 teeth?

A single dental implant can be utilized to replace two neighboring teeth if the front teeth are shorter in breadth and susceptible to less force than the rear molars.

Which is better porcelain or zirconia for implants?
Which is better porcelain or zirconia for implants?

PFM or porcelain alternatives are at least three times weaker than zirconia. Additionally, zirconia can survive the pressures of chewing and grinding without chipping, while porcelain restorations can eventually become worn down.

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