Many people lack the resources necessary for an extensive smile makeover. True Smile Veneers was created for this reason. You may completely change the appearance of your smile and conceal any flaws that have been bugging you for less money than the price of a single conventional porcelain veneer. Can they alter your smile without endangering your safety? Let’s investigate.

What are TruSmile Veneers?

Traditional veneers can be substituted with snap-on true smile veneers for a temporary solution. They’re a fantastic alternative for people who want a beautiful smile but don’t want to invest in veneers that will last a lifetime.

For True Smile veneers, a mold or paste will be given to you. As a result, you may finish each procedure in the comfort of your own home and, you won’t need to see a dentist.

true smile veneers
what are true smile veneers

A variety of dental flaws, including gaps in teeth, missing teeth, and tooth discoloration, can be concealed by true smile veneers. However, it is ineffective in fixing issues like crooked teeth. It is advised that you speak with a dentist if you require treatment for additional issues.

How do TruSmile Veneers work?

Your smile is the way you greet people and give them their first impression of you. And if you’re not satisfied with the condition of your teeth, it can have a variety of effects, from unease in social settings to shyness at work.

Veneers from TruSmile go over the top of your teeth, just like mouthguards do. And you don’t need a dentist’s assistance to remove it at any moment. 

True Smile Veneers Pros and Cons

Veneers from True Smile are simple to obtain and far less expensive than standard veneers. However, you should do a comprehensive analysis to see whether they are suitable for you before making a purchase. The advantages and disadvantages of True Smile veneers are as follows:

The Advantages of TruSmile Veneers

Less expensive

Traditional coatings can be more expensive. However, true smile veneers are cheaper. If you are looking for a stepping stone for permanent coatings or if you want to test how the veneers look on you, true smile veneers are for you!

Simple and painless procedure

True smile veneers have an extremely simple and painless procedure. In other words, you can use it in the comfort of your home without the need to go to a dentist and have any operation on the teeth. All you have to do is send the molds and dimensions of your teeth to the relevant company and create your order.

The Disadvantages of TruSmile Veneers

Safety concerns

True Smile veneers are nothing but band-aids that can only be used for a short time to hide cosmetic imperfections in your smile. In other words, it is not a substitute for or an alternative to professional dental work.

Also, these veneers can put too much pressure or rub against your gums, further damaging your teeth and accelerating gumline decline. If veneers are used for a long time, food and germs can become trapped between the veneers and your teeth, causing deterioration.

Quality concerns 

While conventional coatings can last up to 20 years, TruSmile coatings can deteriorate over time.


Like other snap-on overlays, true smile overlays can be uncomfortable when removed or put on.

They may last only around 12 months

The average life of the snap-on veneers, which are designed as semi-permanent or temporary dental treatments, is 12 months, ie 1 year.

Food restrictions

With the coating attached, you should avoid consuming particularly hard and sticky dishes. It is also recommended to avoid food and drink that can stain the coating. In addition, care should be taken as acidic beverages such as carbonated beverages will make the coating material porous.

Doesn’t look like your real teeth

Although it is a temporary solution for people with missing front teeth, when you wear true smile veneers, it will be obvious to someone else that the teeth are not real.

TruSmile Veneers vs. Shiny Smile

Excellent snap-on veneers are available from TruSmile, and they should be rather affordable.

One of the most reputable manufacturers of snap-on veneers is Shiny Smile. They are renowned for charging reasonable prices without compromising the strength and longevity of their products. The drawback is that they don’t provide many product versions to fit various wear schedules.

Alternatives to True Smile Veneers

A trip to the dentist to address any oral health issues you may have and then follow your dentist’s care instructions is the best alternative to TruSmile Veneers.

Teeth Whitening 

You can have professional teeth whitening to cover yellow or brown stains on your teeth.

Dental Bonding

A tooth-colored resin substance is applied to the surface of the teeth during cosmetic dentistry treatment, known as dental bonding. To adhere the resin to the tooth, it is first placed in sparse layers and then cured under a specific light. Teeth that are discolored, cracked, chipped, or crooked can be made to look better with the use of the bonding substance.

Porcelain Veneers 

Thin shells made of porcelain that are permanently bonded to your natural teeth are known as porcelain veneers. Your teeth’s dimensions, contours, and colors may all be altered by them. Additionally, minor aesthetic flaws like tiny gaps can be fixed with porcelain veneers. The less expensive choice, which uses less expensive materials, is composite veneers.


With the illusion of a bright, straight, undamaged smile, snap-on veneers can instantly and affordably transform several dental issues. Simply brush and floss your teeth, then put them in and go about your day. They won’t, however, be the best option for everyone. Snap-on veneers won’t assist if you wish to make significant alterations to your teeth. Additionally, snap-on veneers are not a good option if you have gum disease, active tooth decay, or a permanent appliance.

Whether you prefer snap-on veneers or traditional laminate veneers, get the Hollywood Smile of your dreams thanks to our COH Clinic specialists. Contact us at +90 (536) 934 6524 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do true smile veneers last?
How long do true smile veneers last?

Comparing professional treatment to snap-on veneers may make the cost appear prohibitive. But bear in mind that, depending on the material, expert veneers might last anywhere between 5 and 20 years. You might need to buy TruSmile veneers more than once because their lifespan ranges from one to three years.

Is TruSmile Veneers good?
Is TruSmile Veneers good?

TruSmile is concerned about guaranteeing that the item fits properly. Overall a good experience that didn't cost any more than the price of a few fillings or a dental extraction. Cost-effective and a fantastic aesthetic fix for teeth with flaws.

Can you eat with true smile veneers?
Can you eat with true smile veneers?

It cannot be used to chew gum or consume food. Eating while wearing your TruSmile Veneers may wear down the appliance and may cause the snap-on veneers to potentially break or shatter. It is preferable to remove the veneers before eating.

How long does it take to get true smile veneers?
How long does it take to get true smile veneers?

Veneers, which cover the fronts of teeth with a thin shell, provide a quick and simple alternative for dental patients seeking small adjustments to aesthetic concerns. These restorations are normally placed over three weeks and in three phases.

What are true smile veneers made of?
What are true smile veneers made of?

TruSmile Veneers are tooth coverings that mimic a natural smile and fit over existing teeth. Co-polyester pucks measuring 0.5 mm are used to make them.

How do you clean TruSmile veneers?
How do you clean TruSmile veneers?

With warm water, mild liquid soap, and a soft brush, you should clean your TruSmile veneers. Shake well to dry after thoroughly rinsing away the soap. To dry the veneers, avoid using a heat source.

Are true smile veneers worth it?
Are true smile veneers worth it?

TruSmile is concerned about guaranteeing that the item fits properly. Overall a good experience that didn't cost any more than the price of a few fillings or a dental extraction. Cost-effective and a fantastic aesthetic fix for teeth with flaws.

Do snap-on veneers look like real teeth?
Do snap-on veneers look like real teeth?

Snap-on veneers can't quite mimic the appearance of real teeth, although some do rather well. The gap between your teeth is never perfectly formed since they are one solid piece, and this is frequently the largest complaint from clients. People can see the changes in your teeth up close, but from a typical social distance and in pictures, they usually appear to be rather natural.

What impact will snap-on veneers have on my speech?
What impact will snap-on veneers have on my speech?

The majority of people lisp when they first start using their veneers. This might never end if you only sometimes wear yours. If you wear them every day, though, your lips and voice should become used to them in about a week.

Are snap-on veneers a replacement for clear aligners?
Are snap-on veneers a replacement for clear aligners?

Depending on what you mean, no. Snap-on veneers cannot be used to straighten your teeth. They will, however, be effective if your goal is to conceal crowding and gaps rather than fill them in.

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