Gastric sleeve surgery is the process of dividing approximately 80% of the stomach with the help of a stapler and removing it from the body. Since the remaining 20% ​​of the stomach takes the shape of a tube, it is called sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Since the stomach volume of a person who has a sleeve gastrectomy operation is reduced, changes will occur in his nutrition. However, since there is no reduction in food absorption, the calorie of the food can be completely absorbed by the body.

How is gastric sleeve surgery done?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed by laparoscopic method. Laparoscopic surgery, on the other hand, is called a closed and easily closed surgery technique. One of the differences between open surgery and closed surgery is; While 10-15 cm incisions are made in open surgeries, a few 0.5 cm incisions are made in closed surgeries. The camera and treatment tools are sent to the abdomen through these holes. With this method, the surgeon can monitor the surgery on high-resolution monitors and perform the treatment. Thanks to this technique, the surgery is more comfortable compared to open surgery, and the post-operative process is more painless and faster.

In this operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, 80 percent of the stomach is removed with the help of a stapler and under the light of the seat tube. One of the most significant points of this operation is to control the bleeding in the suture line after the stomach is removed. The stomach is inflated with special dyes to determine if there is a leak in the suture line. After some controls, the tube sent at the beginning of the surgery is removed and the drainage system is placed.

What is the recovery process like after sleeve gastrectomy?

Painkillers are given for the pain that occurs after a sleeve gastrectomy operation, and the necessary treatments are provided by the hospital. It is forbidden for the patient to feed liquid or solid by mouth for approximately 6 hours after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. At the end of 6 hours, water consumption is started gradually. If the patient is in good health and everything is in order, the patient starts to take walks in the evening of the surgery day. Depending on the patient’s recovery, the patient is discharged about 4 days after sleeve gastrectomy.

After the discharge process is over, there are points that the patient should pay attention to at home. In particular, the person should regulate his water consumption. Considering the swallowing difficulties that may arise from sleeve gastrectomy surgery, it is necessary to consume liquid in small sips. In the initial stages, water consumption should not fall below 1.5 liters per day.

A dietitian should be consulted about nutrition. At this point, your dietitian will prescribe a watery food nutrition program for about two weeks. In addition, your dietitian may similarly write additional recommendations to close the protein gap in this process. At the end of the first two weeks, feeding with soft food can be started. You may not feel hungry during normal meal times due to sleeve gastrectomy surgery. However, it is recommended that you consume a little food during this period. You should take care to eat small bites and chew for a long time.

Is it possible to regain weight after sleeve gastrectomy?

After sleeve gastrectomy, people are generally expected to lose at least 50 percent of their excess weight. If the patient’s weight loss is over 50 percent, the result is considered successful. However, in some cases, the patient may start to gain weight again. One of the reasons for this is that the patient returns to unhealthy and bad life habits. After a sleeve gastrectomy operation, patients should follow the recommendations of specialist doctors. Some of these recommendations are quitting bad eating habits (high-calorie, fatty), avoiding unhealthy food and fluid consumption, and exercising regularly. It is common for patients to start gaining weight again if they violate these recommendations.

What should be considered when choosing the place where sleeve gastrectomy surgery will be performed?

It is very important to work with the experts in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. At this point where you will entrust yourself, the experts will decide the best for you and will be with you in this process. Coh Clinic is ready to give you the best service with its expert staff and experienced doctors. For questions and information, you can contact us at +90 (536) 934 6524 telephone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone get a sleeve gastrectomy?
Why would someone get a sleeve gastrectomy?

To address extreme obesity, gastric sleeve surgery is performed. People who have tried various weight loss techniques but weren't successful long-term are recommended to try them. If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, your doctor could suggest gastric sleeve surgery.

How long does gastric sleeve last?
How long does gastric sleeve last?

Gastric sleeve surgery is permanent. Therefore, you should know that once you make a decision, it will continue for the rest of your life.

How painful is gastric sleeve?
How painful is gastric sleeve?

Most individuals rate their pain as being between 5 and 10, although some people rate it as high as 7. You should inform your surgeon if the pain is intolerable or different from what your surgeon had warned you to anticipate.

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