Not satisfied with the appearance of your lips? Do you want to have fuller and voluminous lips? So how about trying a lip lift surgery?

As a popular cosmetic treatment, a lip lift procedure can provide you with the perfect solution to enhance the shape, volume, and overall appeal of your lips. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the lip lift procedure and explore how it can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired.

What is lip lift surgery?

Lip lift surgery is a non-surgical treatment in which a plastic surgeon makes incisions in the lip region to alter the form, position, and fullness of the lips. Since there is usually no discomfort involved with this kind of cosmetic surgery, a lip lift is typically performed under local anesthetic. General anesthesia is not always necessary.

Types of Lip Lifts

But every woman aspires to have lips that are big and symmetrical. If a person is happy with the way her bottom lip looks but dislikes how thin her top lip is, lip lift surgery can be done to enhance the upper lip’s appearance and make it look dynamic. By accentuating the top lip lines, this cosmetic procedure shortens the space between the lips and nose, making it proportional to the face, and enhances the appearance overall.

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What are the different types of lip lifts?

The Bull-Horn Lip Lift

This lip lift technique, also known as a subnasal lip lift, entails removing skin tissue from behind the nose to provide a small lift in the upper lip.

The Gull-Wings Lip lift

The Gull-Wing lip lift, also known as the straight lip lift, removes tissue above the upper lip line boundary. The ultimate results are similar to those obtained with the Bull-Horn procedure, which involves slightly raising the top lip.

The Italian Lip Lift

Two incisions are required for this surgical operation, one beneath each nose. As the wounds are closed, the top lip on either side is lifted.

Who is a good candidate for a lip lift?

An ideal candidate for a lip lift satisfies the subsequent requirements:

  • generally has excellent health and does not suffer from any illnesses that might prevent healing (such as diabetes or hypertension)
  • has a reasonable expectations
  • does not smoke

To decrease the likelihood of bleeding, doctors will tell you to quit smoking two months before treatment and throughout your recovery period. Your surgery will be canceled for your safety if you don’t follow these guidelines.

What are the benefits of a lip lift?

A lip lift may help you to seem more attractive and young, which is one of its main advantages. Due to the elongation of the area between the base of the nose and the upper lip, it tends to sag as we age. By shortening this distance through a lip lift, you can restore a more youthful and balanced facial aesthetic, giving you plumper and shapelier lips.

By elevating the position of the upper lip, a skilled plastic surgeon can create a more precise and aesthetically pleasing lip contour, resulting in a beautifully balanced and symmetrical facial appearance.

While a lip lift is a surgical procedure, the incisions are typically well-concealed. Moreover, the results of a lip lift are typically noticeable immediately after the procedure.

What are the downsides of lip lift?

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Exaggerated central lip
  • Loss of sensation
  • Loss of Cupid’s bow definition
  • Dry upper red lip
  • Poor scarring
  • Undesirable aesthetic result
  • Changes to the nose
  • Asymmetry

Lip Lift vs. Lip Filler

Lip lift surgery and lip filler injections present notable distinctions, primarily evident in their outcomes. If your goal is to reduce the space between your nose and lips, a lip lift procedure would be more suitable. In contrast, if you seek fuller lips and a reduction in the wrinkles surrounding your lips, lip filler injections might better cater to your needs. Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between the two:

Nature of the Procedure

  • Lip lift: This type of cosmetic surgery entails skin excision from the region between the top lip and nose.
  • Lip filler: Cosmetic injections are used to provide lip fillers, eliminating the need for surgical incisions.

Recovery Time

  • Lip lift: Given its surgical nature, a lip lift requires a longer recovery period.
  • Lip filler: Lip filler injections entail minimal downtime and recovery time.


  • Lip lift: After a lip lift, patients will observe a decrease in the distance between the lip and the nose, revealing more of the pink tissue of the lip.
  • Lip filler: Lip filler injections add volume to the lips, creating a plumper appearance.

Duration of Results

  • Lip lift: The results of a lip lift are considered permanent.
  • Lip filler: Conversely, lip filler is metabolized and gradually dissolves over time.

In conclusion, being aware of these variations can help you choose the method that best matches your intended results.

Lip Lift vs. Lip Augmentation

  • When doing a lip lift, the skin between the upper lip and the base of the nose is partially excised. As a result, the upper lip is raised, the space between the lip and the nose is condensed, and the face seems more defined and young.
  • The term “lip augmentation” describes a range of non-surgical methods used to give the lips more volume and form.
  • The most common method involves using injectable fillers, which doctors administer into the lips to achieve the desired fullness and contour.
  • The primary goal of a lip lift is to enhance the overall shape and proportions of the lips by increasing the visibility of the pink portion of the upper lip (vermilion) and creating a more defined cupid’s bow.
  • The goal of lip augmentation is to give the lips additional volume and plumpness for a fuller, delicious appearance. Additionally, it can aid in minimizing wrinkles and fine lines around the lips.
  • As a surgical procedure, a lip lift requires a longer recovery period compared to lip augmentation with fillers. Patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort for a few days to weeks after the surgery.
  • Non-surgical lip augmentation with fillers usually has little downtime, with some minor swelling and bruising that normally fades within a few days.
  • The results of a lip lift are considered permanent since it involves the removal of skin and altering the lip’s structure.
  • The type of filler used will determine how long the results of lip augmentation last. Certain fillers can last for months before being digested by the body, while others might last for a year or more.


Cosmetic surgeons perform lip lift surgery to enhance the shape, position, and fullness of the lips. It involves making incisions in the lip region to achieve the desired results.

Ideal candidates for lip lift surgery are generally in good health, have realistic expectations, and do not smoke. The procedure offers various benefits, including a more youthful and attractive appearance, plumper and shapelier lips, and improved lip contour. The incisions made during the surgery are typically well-hidden within natural creases, resulting in discreet scars.

The surgical incisions usually leave behind discrete scars because they are well-hidden inside natural wrinkles. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is essential to speak with a licensed and skilled plastic surgeon to decide the best lip lift technique and go through the possible drawbacks and advantages of each unique situation. At this point, COH Clinic and its expert team are here to assist you. Contact us at +90 (536) 934 6524 and we will provide you with the lip look you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lip lift surgery worth it?
Is lip lift surgery worth it?

Depending on how much skin you have between your nose and upper lip, a lip lift may be the ideal procedure for you. Younger patients value the alternatives to filler-induced overly-plump lips, while older patients may favor the surgery for its anti-aging advantages.

Does lip lift change nose shape?
Does lip lift change nose shape?

By reducing the distance between the upper lip and the nose, a lip lift is accomplished. However, because the treatment is carried out so closely to the base of the nose, there is a possibility that it may also change the appearance of the nose.

Does a lip lift change your smile?
Does a lip lift change your smile?

A lifted upper lip will improve your smile more. Elevating the top lip creates harmony around the mouth area and makes you look more appealing as a whole.

How painful is a lip lift?
How painful is a lip lift?

Although a lip lift is more intrusive than dermal fillers, recovery time is surprisingly short, and discomfort is minimal. Most patients say that after approximately a week they can manage their discomfort with only over-the-counter pain relievers and ice, and may return to their normal activities.

Is a lip lift risky?
Is a lip lift risky?

A simple procedure to make the lips appear younger and more appealing is lip lift surgery. It is a very quick and less intrusive technique. Scars can occasionally be seen. Other than that, this surgery typically carries little risk.

What is the best age for a lip lift?
What is the best age for a lip lift?

The ideal age for a lip lift operation is undefined. This procedure is preferred by some persons in their 20s and others in their 60s or 70s.

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