Depending on age, some changes may occur in our skin and body. One of these changes is sagging and wrinkles. One of the first areas of sagging in the face area is the eyebrow and forehead area. The purpose of eyebrow lift aesthetics is also sagging and wrinkles. Sometimes, an eyebrow lift operation is performed due to health problems (low eyebrows on the eyelid and visual impairment).

How is the eyebrow lift operation performed?

Muscles and tissues begin to weaken day by day due to the effects of gravity and aging. The soft texture of the eyebrow area is a disadvantage. Because weakened and weakened muscles cause falls in the eyebrow area. Low eyebrows can cause a significant change in the face. For this reason, eyebrow lifting operation is frequently preferred. Along with the eyebrow lift operation, there is a visible reduction in the wrinkles on the forehead. With the eyebrow lift operation, the natural arch in the eyebrows is revived and the muscles are tightened. In this way, tired eyes are removed, and youthful facial features are achieved.

What are the eyebrow-lifting methods?

There are many types of eyebrow-lifting operations. The most appropriate treatment method is selected as a result of face-to-face interviews with specialist doctors and is carried out accordingly.

1. Eyebrow-lift method with botox

Brow lift with Botox is one of the most preferred types of operations. Before the application, the eyebrow shape suitable for the face is determined by specialist doctors. To obtain a natural appearance, face-to-face meetings are held and a decision is made. Having a healthier and more vibrant appearance is the first goal of specialist doctors. It is expected that the eyebrow area will be numbed using local anesthetic creams. After the area becomes numb, Botox is injected through fine-tipped needles to raise the eyebrow. After the Botox application, there is no scar on the face. Brow lift botox is recommended to be repeated every 4-6 months on average.

2. Eyebrow-lift method with botox

Thread eyebrow lifting operation, which is generally used as a facelift method, is performed by looking at the skin structure of the person, age, and the rate of eyebrow droop. Threads with thorny serrations are used for eyebrow brow lift operations. First of all, after the decision to perform eyebrow lifting with thread, the area around the eyebrows is anesthetized with local anesthetic creams. Threads and a special needle are inserted under the skin, and the process is completed by stretching the threads passing through the eyebrow. Because the thread has a serrated structure, the downward movement of the eyebrow is prevented. The desired result will be achieved exactly 3 weeks after the eyebrow thread lift operation.

Redness or mild swelling in the forehead area after the operation is one of the expected side effects. Thanks to the eyebrow lifting method, 3-5 years of permanence are possible. Correct face analysis and a good selection of specialists will allow for obtaining the most natural results.

3. Eyebrow-lift method with filler

Eyebrow lifting with filler is one of the fastest methods. The eyebrow-lifting method with filler is applied to the eyebrow in small doses to minimize the deterioration in the muscles. The process is completed in as little as 10 minutes. After the eyebrow-filling application, the expected result is achieved between 7-10 days. Repeating 1-2 times a year will be sufficient for the person.

4. Focus ultrasound (HIFU) method

Ultherapy HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) method is a method that provides tightening and regeneration of the skin with high-intensity ultrasound energy. Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) applied to the eyebrow area helps the skin renew itself by heating the skin tissue with electromagnetic sound waves. With this method, the soft tissue in the eyebrow area begins to renew itself. It is decided how many sessions will be done depending on the rate of falling of the eyebrow of the person. With the Ultherapy HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) method, the person can return to his daily life immediately after the operation. It does not create any scars on the skin. It is possible to have the desired eyebrows in an average of 3 months.

5. Eyebrow-lift with Fractional Radio Frequency (Golden needle)

Another method of eyebrow lifting is the application of fractional radio frequency. It is made with a gold-needle cap using radiofrequency. It is applied with micro needles to the areas that are desired to be lifted in the eyebrow area.

How can you choose the places where you will have an eyebrow lift application?

You need to trust the place where you will have an eyebrow lift application. Because a change in your face also affects your gaze, face shape, and vitality. At this point, COH Clinic is ready to give you the best service with its expert staff and experienced doctors. For questions and information, you can contact us at +90 (536) 934 6524 telephone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a brow lift be combined with other treatments?
Can a brow lift be combined with other treatments?

The treatment of sagging eyelids and frown lines can be done with a brow lift. It is also feasible to combine lower eyelid surgery with nose correction, lip therapy, or chin or cheek enlargement. A facelift is frequently paired with a brow lift.

How long do brow lifts last?
How long do brow lifts last?

The effects of a brow lift may persist for years or even decades. You might not require a second brow lift if you take good care of your skin and limit your exposure to the sun. However, there is no surgical method that can reverse aging. Muscles may sag once again and the skin may lose collagen and elastin.

Is a brow lift a good idea?
Is a brow lift a good idea?

Consider getting a brow lift when you want to smooth out any wrinkles and seem more youthful, the eyebrows are moved up and closer to their natural position on the face during this minimally invasive technique. It can get rid of extra skin above your upper eyelids and smooth out deep forehead wrinkles.

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